In 1972, with only a few francs in savings, our parents decided to make a go in the fashion business.
The early years were difficult, but after several seasons their distinct style and budding identity  appealed to more and more customers. Sold in Paris on the Champs-Elysées at the famous Maison Marlène, then rapidly in other regions in France, the brand went on to earn recognition outside the country.
Year after year, Georgdé’s success grew with the long maxi style and then the little flower print knit dress. In the 1980s, the one-size smart dress consolidated the brand’s popularity with their clientele. A decade later, the brand took a decisive turn with new dressy collections, exquisite materials, a colourful style and low-cut necklines.
In 2000, the second generation took over the reins of the fashion house and brought  an internaional dimension to the business. Still faithful to brand principles, the garments are designed so that women feel their best in what they wear. Comfortable fabrics and perfect cuts allow slender and fuller figured women to enjoy dressing up for the most beautiful occasions in life.